Bwave (脑波交流)创办于2006年,目前运营于北京。 
至今已出版十余张唱片(风格包括:硬件噪音, 环境音乐, 极简主义,器乐, 声音艺术, 即兴音乐等…); 
在未来Bwave 愿意与国内外艺术家及机构合作,展现不同风格的声影美学。 
自Bwave 成立以来得到了许多朋友的无私支持,特别感谢他们: 
沈飞(设计),戴诚(设计 / 标识) jacinto(翻译),Kaine(设计),颜峻… 

Bwaveis a record label based in Beijing, the China. Founded in 2006,by Chinese artists Hong Qile. 
Having released more than ten albums (genres include: Hardware Noise, Ambient, Minimalist, Instrumental, Sound Art, Improvised…), 

they also have held dozens of live performances in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changchun, Qingdao and other major cities in China. 

In the future, Bwave would like to communicate and collaborate with both nationwide and international independent artists or art institutions to show different and unique genres of aesthetics of sound and visual art. 

Since Bwave was founded, we have received support from many friends. Special thanks to: 
Shen Fei (Design), Kaine (Design), Dai Cheng (Design and logo) Jacinto (Translation), Yanjun and more…